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Funding for Exercise and Cancer

This is a question I have been asked frequently lately and the funding scheme I encourage everyone to access is through Medicare.

Medicare provide access to 5 rebates for allied health which includes Exercise Physiology through a scheme they call an GP management plan (GPMP), Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) or Team Care Arrangement.

You are eligible for this every calendar year, and it will provide you with 5x rebates of $58.30 (this changes with inflation).

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You WILL need a referral from your General Practitioner (GP) to access this referral. Valere Health have prepared a letter you can take to your GP to explain to scheme and the benefits of exercise for with a cancer diagnosis. Send as an enquiry today and we can send you some more information to take to your appointment.

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Exercise physiology services are also covered through Private health extras cover. We have a HICAPS machine where you can claim onsite. If you are unsure if your extra cover includes Exercise Physiology, you can call your provider and check – some may even let you include it! From experience clients get anywhere from $10 to $85 back from their private health.


Valere is also a registered provider for NDIS and DVA meaning if your diagnosis is recognised by either of these schemes you will be able to access fully subsidised Exercise Physiology

Valere is always engaging with non-for-profit organisations and local members of parliament to seek funding for free community based exercise programs for people with cancer, so please reach out if you have any ideas or would like to join our team in obtaining funded exercise for people living with, or beyond cancer.

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Contact us today to find out more information and book at session 0439 542 036

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