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Meet Andrew - Brain Cancer

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Andrew was one of the first clients of Valere Health we met back in May 2018 during Andrew's chemotherapy for a Glioblastoma Multiform in other words a very angry brain cancer.

Andrew was given a prognosis of less than 18 months survival and I am happily sitting here writing knowing I get to see him later today over two years past his diagnosis. It wasn't an easy journey for him to get here.

- Brain surgery

- 30 rounds of radiation

- 6 months of chemotherapy

Fatigue and nausea and two things that Andrew had to fight against during his treatment. and in his words

"Exercise has helped me maintain a positive mindset, improve my overall fitness and health. I now feel fitter and stronger than I was before my diagnosis"

What hes been up too?

*30% Improvement in his cardiovascular fitness

*80% Improvement in lower limb strength

*20% Improvement in core strength

*40% Improvement in chest strength

*Completed the 10km Bridge to Brisbane and two trips to Japan to continue his passion for snowboarding.

Andrew's favourite Quote

"If you ever dream of beating me you'd better wake up and apologise" Muhammad Ali

Some words from Andrew

" I would recommend exercise and Morgan to anyone. They helped me feel stronger and fitter along with maintaining a positive mindset. There are classes to suit all abilities which never fail to make me laugh"

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