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Who are we: Morgan Farley - Head AEP and Owner

Hi and welcome to Valere Health! I am Morgan Farley, the owner and founder of Valere. I want to tell you a little about who we are, what we do, and most importantly the power of exercise for cancer patients.

Valere Health is the only exercise physiology practice in Brisbane devoted entirely to cancer exercise. All my clients are cancer patients or survivors and my professional focus is specifically on cancer and exercise – including my PhD I am undertaking at UQ on the relationship between the two. This means I have a deep understanding of the interactions between exercise and cancer. I know specifically what exercise can help cancer patient and survivors need to reclaim their lives and maximise the chances of their treatments working. I also know how to tailor exercise programs for people undergoing treatment to help overcome fatigue, infection risk and the dreaded ‘chemo-brain’!

I started Valere after my grandmother – Valerie – was diagnosed with cancer and told not to exercise. This was the standard advice just a few short years ago (and often still is) and was meant with the best of intentions. It was thought that a cancer patient should be entirely focused on getting through their treatment and exercising could place too much strain on an already overloaded body. However, the evidence tells us otherwise – exercise makes cancer patients stronger and lessens side-effects of treatment, meaning they are more likely to complete treatment when they exercise. This in turns means cancer patients who exercise are less likely to have their cancer recur and save money on costly medical bills. What’s not to like!

With the blessing of my grandmother’s oncologist, I designed an exercise program she could do in her lounge room. Rather than stopping all the activity she was doing – which at that age would have led to her losing her independence quickly – we made sure her energy was focused on what was going to deliver the most benefit. She completed her treatment with no complications and her oncologist was astounded. This was when I realised how I could help so many people going through the hardest challenge of their lives.

At Valere, we deliver one-on-one, small group and large group exercise sessions that consider everyone’s personal circumstances, diagnosis, and treatment. Community is important and we work hard to foster a sense of belonging. Many of my clients have become friends through their exercise classes, sharing their experiences and reclaiming their lives together. And most importantly, we all have fun!

I am passionate about helping cancer patients and survivors realise the benefits of exercise during and after treatment. Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions!

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